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Rangasthala Ratnalu

Rangasthala Ratnalu

Ballari Raghava (1880-1946)
             Tadpatri Raghavacharlu, popularly known as 'Ballary' Raghava, was a renowned actor.

he advocated and developed the naturalistic style in acting. He was very particular that women should always play the female roles on the stage. In 1927 he went to England and took part in English dramas with Laurence Olivier and Charles Laughton. On his return to India he encouraged playwrights to set aside the classical style and to take to naturalistic plays. Instead of protracted declamations and conversations, he advocated short dialogues coupled with appropriated gestures.
'Kaladadheechi' Surreddy.N (Nallamilli Surreddy)
Dedicated to uplift Grameena Natakam.Titled as 'Kaladadheechi'
Nallamilli Surreddy

Garikapati Rajarao
                                                            Aaveti Purnima
Play Wright 
           Actress & director
Attili Krishnarao 
Play Wright & Director
Angara Surya Rao
Play Wright, Story writer and Historian
Born in 1927 at Mandapeta. and settled in Visakhapatnam.
Chandrasena (Andhrapradesh sahitya academy awarded play), 
Enimidi natikalu, Rendu satabdala Visakhanagara charitra,
Samagra Visakhanagara charitra are some of his reknown books.
he is one of the founders of Visakha rachayithala Sangham.
He was  member of Andharapradesh Sahitya academy from 1974 to 1978.

                         A Versatile Writer and  Poet.
His plays  'Chanakya sapatham', 'Ekalavya' etc.are famous
              Artiste, Diredtor, Parishath plays judge

                                                    B.V.Ramana Murthy
                                                               Artiste and Play wright

Balaramaiah IAS
K.RaghuramaiahHe was popularly known as “Eelapata Raghuramaiah”.Since he had the ability to sing padyams and songs through whistle, by putting his finger in mouth and producing the whistle or flute sound. He was famous for the roles of Sri Krishna or Dushyantha or Bhavani sankara, Narada etc. He performed I those roles for about 60 years. He indulged in elaborate raga alapana, based on Hindustani ragas while rendering padyams.He acted as Sri Krishna in the film “Sri Krishna Rayabaram” made in early 60’s and in the film “Chintamani” featuring Bhanumathi. He acted in other films also, in which he sang the usual verses in his usual drama style. He was awarded ‘Padmashri’ by Govt of India

                                         Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao
                                                    (January 20, 1907 - December 3, 1968) 
Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao was an Indian actor known for his works in Telugu theatre, and Telugu cinema. He promoted Kuchipudi dance along with Vedantam Parvatisam in 1957 helped the government in the establishment of Siddhendra Kalakshetra in Kuchipudi village. This institution was later merged with the Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University in 1989. He wrote many articles to take this art form to the public. He joined All India Radio in 1956 and broadcast many drama and playlets. He founded Shiva temple and Vedic School in his native village.
He founded College for Theatre arts in Eluru in 1938 and trained many students and art lovers. He established Prabhat Theatre in 1942, an institution and introduced new techniques into the stage plays. He entered theTelugu film industry during the early period and acted in some films like Paduka Pattabhishekham (1945), Bala Nagamma (1942), Sarangadhara (1937), and Draupadi Manasamrakshanam (1936).


                                            Burra Subrahmanya Sastry

                    He is famous for the female roles of Satybhama, Chandramathi, Chintamani, Sakkubayi etc. He is considered as next to sthnam narasimha rao in portraying female roles. He is proficient in telugu and Sanskrit languages and authored the padya natakam “Bhooyo Bhooyo namamyaham” ,which was staged in the nandi nataka parishath. He worked as instructor to the students of padya natakams in telugu university. He acted in the role of the mother of Prakasham panthulu in the drama “Praja nayakudu prakasham” and received great appreciation for the same. He rendered Harikathas also. He received the puraskaram from the AP govt in 2007.he acted as Chinthamani(second part) in the drama organized by this writer in 2006 in Hyderabad and received puraskaram from our organization. He settled in Hyderabad.

                                                                        Play wright

                           Bhamidipati Kameswara Rao
                                                                  Author, Play wright

                                                                  Artiste and Director

Chandala Kesavadasu
Achanta Venkataratnam naidu
he is famous for the roles of Duryodhana, Jalandhara and other villain characters and also mayasabha mono action. Endowed with the correct physical features for the villain characters, he formed his own troupe and staged dramas throughout the state for the many years. He received puraskaram from AP state govt. He is still acting occasionally

Pandilla Sekharbabu
                                 Chatla Sreeramulu 
is the only man to have taught at all four universities that have a department of theatre arts in Andhra Pradesh, also, the first artiste from the state to receive Emeritus Fellowship from the Human Resources Department of the Government of India. He was awarded the certificate of ‘Producer and Teacher’ by the British Drama League, London in 1970. He has been awarded ‘Best Actor’ twice by Andhra Nataka Kala Parishad and has received the State Natak Academy. Award (1982). He has been the chairman of the Nandi TV Awards Committee (2001) and member of the Nandi Film Awards Committee. He is a Member, Board of Studies of four universities in A.P. He is associated with the theatre group, Rasaranjini.

                                                             DV Subba Rao
He was famous for the role of Harishchandra. He had a melodious voice and created his individual style of rendering verses, which became a trend for the later artists for the role of Harishchandra. He although indulged in long winding ragas, his diction was clear with action and bhava. He died at the age of 49 years.

Although he is famous cini actor, he was first and foremost as stage actor. He was popular for the role of Duryodhana and in the drama and for mayasabha mono action. He won the award as best duryodhana in the All Andhra competitions in 1949. His other popular roles were myravana, yugandhara minister, gaya etc. He worked as a pleader clerk .He died recently. His audio CD is shown in CD section.
                            Draksharama Saroja (Y.Saroja)
                                                              Stage, Cine and TV artiste
                       Draksharama Saroja (Y.Saroja)
                                   G.Balaramaiah IAS
                                                                        Stage artiste
Editor & Publisher - Kaladeepika monthly

Gadde Srinivas ( Abhinaya Srinivas)
Editor & Publisher - Abhinaya  monthly

Naidu Gopi


B.V.Rama Rao
Banda Kanakalingeswara Rao
Bhamidipati Kameswara Rao

Bhamidipati Kameswara Rao & Radhakrishna

Ch.Rajatha Murthy
Chalasani Krishna Prasad

Duggirala Someswara Rao
G.Ravi Krishna

Immaneni Hanumantha Rao

K.Venkateswara Rao

Koduri Achayya

Malladi Bhaskar

Malladi Rama Krishna Sastry

Pampana Dayananda Babu

Dr.Modali Nagabhushana Sharma

Tammareddy Raghurama Rao


Gubbi Veeranna

Gurajada Apparao

                                               Gummadi Gopalakrishna
He is popular for the characters of srikrishna,srirama,bilwamangala and now for “Srinadhudu” drama written akella(cinema writer).His acting through out the state and is the founder of drama troupe “SathyaSai kala nikethan”. His drama Srikrishna Tulabharam won the best production award and himself as best actor in nandi in 2000, and again as best actor and second best production for Srinadhudu in nandi in 2002.He staged the drama Srinadhudu in USA under the auspices of AVK foundation and Silicon Andhra and earned appreciation in USA. He is a regular visitor to USA to perform for telugu association’s there. He recorded the full dramas Sri krishna Rayabaram and srinadhudu with other actors.He is now busy in producing and acting  his famous play "yogi Vemana" as TV Serial in his direction.
Javvadi Rama Rao
Javvadi Rama Rao

K.Venkateswara Rao

Kandukuri Veeresalingam

Maddala Ramarao

Maddala Ramarao

Famous for roles for Dharmaraja, Brihaspathi(in tara sashankam-telugu),narada etc.He successfully ran his own drama troupe and gave hundred of performances throughout the state with own settings and trick scenes. he had a peculiar, bold voice and was called as Kanchu Kantham Suri babu. He also acted in mythological and social films (as narada in Sri venkateswara mahathyam) featuring NTR and Savithri, and as Akrura in the film Sri Krishna Leelau with SV Ranga Rao as kamsa.

M.Prasada Murthy

M.Prasada Murthy

M.Prasada Murthy

M.Prasada Murthy

Rayaprolu Bhagawan

                                                 Shanmukhi Anjaneya Raju
He was famous for the roles of Sri Krishna,Sri rama,narada,nakshtraka etc. He learnt classical music, which he utilized well in rendering padyams. He also sang padyams in long winding ragas, but stood apart due his knowledge of classical music. He swayed the audience for many years and contractors cashed on his popularity. He gave gramophone records also.Infomration on his audio CD is given in the CD section. Addanki SriramaMurthy: He was famous for the roles of Dasaratha and Dharmaraja etc.He sang the padyams in classical music style with clarity and bhava. I saw him on stage in his old age.

Manapuram Satyanarayana
K Venkateswara Rao

P. Lakshmana Rao
 Popularly known as “sampath nagar” lakshmana rao, he is famous for the role of anjaneya in the drama “ramanjaneys yuddham”. He acted only in that role for about 50 years though out the state as professional. His specialty is that he sings the padyams in a very high pitch(shruthi) than other, continuously in long winding ragas. Even though he is not educated, due to this special skill alone he became the darling of the masses for only his singing powers. He is considered to be highest paid drama artist on the stage. He is about 70 years of age and still acting. His audio cassettes are available in all leading music stores.

Santarao kosanam

Ravi Kondala Rao

Tulasi Balakrishna

Kerla Pulla Rao

                               Sthanam Narasimha Rao

popularly known as Sthanam (Telugu: స్థానం నరసింహారావు) (23 September 1902 - 21 February 1971), was an Indian actor known for his works in Telugu theatre and Telugu cinema. He was well known for playing stunning female characters and was a recipient of a Padma Sri Award. His depiction of the Sringara rasa as Satyabhama in Srikrishna tulabharam kept audiences spellbound. Equally enchanting performances in Roshanara, Deva Devi in Vipranarayana and the eponymous Chintamani made his place in Telugu theater permanent. His most memorable acting, however, was as Madhuravani in Gurajada Appa Rao`s comedy Kanyasulkam.
Sthanam had over 1,500 performances to his credit. His productions of classics on All India Radio include Kanyasulkam and Ganapati. He acted in Telugu films such as (Radhakrishna in 1939 and Satyabhama in 1941) and authored a book about his vast acting experience entitled, Natasthanam. He was felicitated in Rangoon and gifted golden crown in 1938. His Sashtipoorti was grandly celebrated in 1962 at Hyderabad
Karnati Lakshminarasayya

Gandham Nagaraju

Venkat Govada Actor/Director

K.Venkateswara Rao Actor/Director

D.S.P.Rao Actor
Dr.C.S.Prasad Actor/Director
Chinta Tata Reddy Actor

Vadrevu Sundarrao Actor/ Play wright



Chinta Tata Reddy Actor

Vijay Kumar

G.Balaramayya IAS
Duggirala Someswara Rao
K.V.Krishna Reddy

Manapuram Satyanarayana
Chittineni Siva Koteswara Rao


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